How to gain admittance

As the stars twinkle above, a quiet and unassuming building stands amidst the city’s bustle. Inside, there is a place of mystic and ancient traditions, where the seekers of knowledge, truth, and enlightenment gather. It is not easy to gain entry, but for those who do, they will be welcomed into a fellowship that stretches back through the ages. The Robert Burns No.59 observant Masonic Lodge stands as a bastion of honor, prestige, and fraternal bonds. The rituals, ceremonies, and teachings passed down through the ages are kept alive by those who seek to better themselves and the world around them. If you find yourself drawn to the mystic, the ancient, and the honorable, then perhaps the Robert Burns Lodge is for you. It is a journey that is not for everyone, but for those who seek to travel the path of enlightenment, the rewards are immeasurable.

It is no easy task. It will take much time and dedication to prove yourself, but if you are ready to truly commit yourself to the task. Your first step begins with filling out this form.

Steps To become a Freemason

You may be interested in Freemasonry, either because a friend told you about it, or because you discovered it while reading or doing personal research.

If a friend told you about Robert Burns Lodge No.59, he can guide you in the steps to take to become a candidate and accompany you in the different stages of this candidacy but remember that YOU must ask him to join. If you do not know anyone, not a problem. Write to Robert Burns Lodge with the form below and you will receive an answer soon. If positive, a person will contact you, meet with you and assist you in your application.

A first contact is made by the president of the lodge (the “Worshipful” in the Masonic vocabulary). He must evaluate the motivations of the candidate. The Masonic approach is quite particular and should not be confused with those of political clubs, service clubs (Rotary, Lions …) or various esoteric groups. If, following this first exchange, it appears that it is indeed a Masonic commitment that meets the expectations and projects of the candidate, the process continues with three new meetings.

First, the members will meet you and get to know you for quite some time, if all goes well, you will then be offered the opportunity to petition for initiation and gifted a small manual that talks about what we do and our process.

If you decide to submit a petition, then three members will be selected to have a talk with you. They last between one and two hours. The purpose of these exchanges is to get to know the candidate’s personality, ideas and aspirations better, but also to answer any questions they may have. The three Masons who meet the candidate then report back to the lodge. Also, through these contacts, the candidate gets a first glimpse of the group he wishes to join.

Once everyone knows each other better, comes the first important moment of the entry into Masonry.

Here again Freemasonry has its method. Admission is not a simple administrative formality. On the contrary, it follows a whole ritual. According to age-old customs, entry into Freemasonry takes place in the form of an “initiation”. It is a ceremony during which the candidate symbolically passes from Darkness to Light. We will not say more because the “experience” of this ceremony is part of the journey that inaugurates the entry into Freemasonry.

Afterwards, it is probably the beginning of a long and amazing journey for you!