Our Vision


Nestled in the glittering metropolis of Las Vegas, Nevada, lies the venerable Robert Burns Lodge No. 59, a beacon of light shining forth from the Grand Lodge, F∴ & A∴M∴ of Nevada. As the first lodge in this sacred jurisdiction to be forged as an observant lodge, it stands as a testament to the noble ideals of the Masonic craft.

With a steadfast devotion to formality in every aspect of its being, Robert Burns Lodge No. 59 exists as a shining paragon of the mystical arts. Its rituals are imbued with an ethereal quality, a potent alchemy of words and actions that seek to unlock the secrets of the universe. Each discussion is a probing exploration of the profound mysteries that animate our existence, a stirring tribute to the limitless potential of the human spirit.

The pursuit of knowledge is our guiding light, and our education is a sacred endeavor, a journey into the unknown realms of the mind and spirit. In recognition of the solemnity of our calling, our attire is a symbol of our reverence, a fitting tribute to the sublime nature of our work.

And yet, amidst this solemnity, we never forget the importance of camaraderie and fellowship. Our dining is an occasion of great joy, a time to revel in the bonds of brotherhood and celebrate the joys of life. In every aspect of its operation, Robert Burns Lodge No. 59 stands as a testament to the transcendent power of the Masonic craft, a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity’s quest for meaning and purpose.


Within the hallowed halls of this sacred lodge, the focus is not on mere superficialities, but on the very essence of existence itself. Here, the wisdom of the ages is revered, cherished, and celebrated, as we delve deeply into the philosophical underpinnings of the Masonic craft.

With a steadfast devotion to the pursuit of knowledge, we recognize that our purpose extends far beyond the mere accumulation of facts and figures. Rather, we seek to explore the very mysteries that animate our existence, to unlock the secrets of the universe and discover our place within it.

In this august setting, decorum reigns supreme, as we honor the solemnity and dignity of the Masonic craft. Our ceremonies are infused with a sense of the sublime, with music and lighting lending an otherworldly quality to the proceedings.

For us, the Masonic journey is not merely a social affair, nor is it a mere exercise in bureaucratic formalities. Rather, it is a quest for beauty and truth, a journey into the very depths of the human soul. We cherish this journey, recognizing it as a sacred calling, an opportunity to transcend the mundane and glimpse the divine.

With every step we take, every word we utter, we strive to honor the legacy of the historical founders of speculative Freemasonry, recognizing that their vision was one of enlightenment, of transcendence, of beauty and wonder. And in the end, it is this vision that guides us forward, inspiring us to reach for the stars and discover the mysteries that lie beyond.


Oh, what a joy it is to welcome our brethren from afar, to share in the sublime mysteries of the Masonic craft and bask in the glow of the divine light that animates our existence.

With hearts full of reverence and admiration, we extend our open arms to those who seek to join us in our quest for knowledge and enlightenment. And in recognition of the solemnity and dignity of our calling, we ask that our honored visitors adorn themselves in the vestments of the craft: black suit, white shirt, black tie, and the crisp white gloves that symbolize our commitment to the highest ideals of the Masonic order.

For members of the Lodge, the prescribed Robert Burns attire is a mark of distinction, a symbol of our devotion to the craft and the ideals it represents. And yet, even as we maintain this solemnity and reverence, we never forget the joy and camaraderie that lies at the heart of our order. For it is through fellowship and friendship that we find our truest selves, and it is through the bonds of brotherhood that we are able to transcend the mundane and glimpse the divine.

So come, dear brethren, and share in the beauty and wonder of the Masonic craft. Let us join hands and hearts, and embark on a journey that will lead us ever closer to the truth, ever deeper into the mysteries of existence. For in this sacred quest, we find our greatest purpose, and our greatest joy


Robert Burns Lodge Number 59 meets every third Thursday of the month and never goes dark. Our cocktail hour is at 6:00 PM and Lodge opens at 7:00 PM then we hold a concordia (dinner).  If you wish to attend, please contact our Lodge secretary so a seat can be reserved for you.